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Chiptunes - GREEN Edition

The GREEN edition of Chiptunes by game composer Filippo Vicarelli, is a bundle that contains a variety of music themes arranged in a 8-Bit / NES style and conveniently organized for game designers and developers. These music files can be used in any kind of retro video games, such as: platformers, adventure and RPG games, action and arcade games, casual and mobile games, and so on.


  • Music style based on 8-bit / NES sound;
  • Coherent music arrangement between each music theme;
  • High quality 44.1 khz / 16-bit / Stereo files in FLAC format;
  • Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (suited for unlimited commercial projects);

Content of the Bundle

This bundle contains a total of 21 high-quality audio files encoded in FLAC format. All the looping music tracks are produced to loop 100% seamlessly.

Main music tracks

  • 1 x Title theme (intro, loop, end)
  • 3 x Ingame themes (loop, end)
  • 1 x Battle theme (intro, loop, end)
  • 1 x Boss theme (intro, loop, end)

All the edits (intro, loop, end, etc.) are supplied as single files for maximum flexibility.

Bonus audio

  • 2 x Victory and 2 x Defeat jingles
  • 4 x Ambience sounds (crickets, ocean waves, thunders, wind)

Audio Previews

Quick Questions & Answers

1) Will there be updates?

Some new themes and jingles might be added in the future, depending on how much support I will get. I do also plan to create other bundles using other retro game styles (8-bit, 16-bit, etc.), so stay tuned and follow my social pages.

Note: in order to keep track of all the changes, I am including a Changelog file.

2) Can I use these music loops for anything I want?

Yes, all the audio files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which only requires you to give appropriate credit (eg. Music by Filippo Vicarelli), please read and understand all the CC-BY-4.0 license terms before using this music.

3) What I cannot do with these music loops?

You can’t sell the music itself, on a music CD, or as music downloads (eg. sell a soundtrack CD containing the music, or sell downloads of the music in MP3 or other audio file format, or sell or sub-license this music bundle to others). You are not allowed to create derived works (eg. sing over or add instruments) and treat the final product as yours. You can’t use the music in videos (eg. on YouTube) made to simply play these music loops.

4) Can I hire you to make custom music for my video game?

Sure thing! Just visit my website www.filippovicarelli.com and drop me a message. Don't forget to provide me basic details such as your game genre, platform, distribution, art style, etc. and to tell me something about the music you're looking for, such as music style, mood, how many tracks, etc.

Thank you for your support and happy creating :)


Get this asset pack and 2 more for $15.00 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
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Chiptunes GREEN Edition v1.1 64 MB

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This is a great pack good job!

Thank you! :D